html5 animated ads.

Now that Google Chrome are pausing Flash adverts by default, the final nail in Flash's coffin has been hammered. With all modern browsers supporting HTML5, adverts on Chrome and Firefox blocking Flash, it is not being supported on any mobile devices and not coming installed on Apple computers, the time is now for switching your ad campaigns to native HTML5 adverts.

In the Australian market, over 95% of users can view HTML5 ads compared to fewer than 40% for most website's users. Converting Flash Ads to HTML5 requires expertise and tech know how. At Crush, we've taken this opportunity to get on board with HTML5 and are in full swing converting all our ads and animations over to this new format. We are recommending all our clients make this switch too - sooner rather than later. Luckily there are a few options if you too want to switch to HTML5 ads.

Google Swiftly

Google have released a tool that allows you to convert your current flash campaigns into HTML5 ads and the results are impressive. This is a great option for companies looking to quickly react and migrate. The resulting adverts aren't as efficient as a natively created HTML5 ad so we recommend this as a first step while also creating new adverts.

Converting Flash Ads To HTML5

If you would like Crush to migrate you over to a fully HTML5 advertising campaign give us a call. We can convert your current Flash campaign to get you set up quickly while we work on a brand new, native HTML5 marketing campaign so you can beat the competition and get your ads seen again!

Flash to HTML5 conversion - That's just the icing on the cake.