Consumer behaviour and market trends are constantly evolving, so it makes sense to re-brand if you have outgrown your brand.

If your company is changing direction, or if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, or if you simply want to refresh your look, by updating your brand you can show your customers that you’re able to connect with them, that your brand is still relevant, and that your company has a competitive edge.

Crush has worked with many businesses across varying industries to successfully complete rebrand projects. All rebrand projects are unique and need to be handled with care. Sometimes they involve creating a completely new logo, branding and positioning statement alongside a co-ordinated strategy to communicate these changes to stakeholders. For other brands it is simply aligning the elements of the brand so the messaging is consistent, fresh and strategic.

While some might see an out-dated and tired brand, we see potential and opportunity. With our expertise in design and branding, we can assist you as your business takes on a new and exciting direction, every step of the way.

If you are considering rebranding, the Crush team can work with you to undertake a brand analysis to ensure that any existing brand equity is maintained in the process.